We help Organizations to achieve World Class Performance Results and Growth.

About us

We are based in Cameroon, and specialize in the promotion and development of solutions and support services for public and private organizations, helping them to control their risks and improve their performance.


We cover areas such as Quality & Business Performance Improvement; Global Risk Management & Strategy Growth; Environment & Sustainable Development; Project & Organizations Management; Asset Management & Digital Innovations for Business Performance.


We build a corporate culture with a concern for compliance with regulations, applicable standards, environment, and customer satisfaction.


Our areas of expertise are:

  • Business Performance Improvement, Strategy and Business Risk Management,

  • Quality, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development,

  • Projects and Organizations Management,

  • Asset, Production and Facility Management,

  • Data Management, Business Intelligence and Information Security.


Since our beginning to this date, we have supported hundreds of professionals from multiple organizations, both in Cameroon and in many African countries.

Our Services


Inter and intra-company training according to their needs


Consulting services in Operational Risk Management


Consulting services in Performance Improvement and Management


Consulting services in driving growth and excellence


Audits and site inspection services

Your Partner for Global performance

Performax Group

Our Activities

Workshops and Professional Upgrade Seminars

Events around Key Performance Themes

Design & Implementation of Performance Improvement and Excellence Programs

Certifications to International Standards

Why working with us

The PERFORMAX team is dynamic and made up of experienced local consultants and trainers, enriched with the technical support of experienced international consultants with deep experience in our various areas of intervention. 


We have experience of intervention in the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas, Agro-industries, Cement Works, Mines, etc.
  • New technology companies: IT, Telecommunications, Banks, Insurance, etc.
  • Healthcare companies: Hospitals, Pharmacies, etc.
  • Transport companies: Airports, Ports, Rails, etc.
  • Companies in the construction sector: Civil Engineering, Metal Construction, etc.
  • Companies in the hotel and restaurant sector.
  • Companies in the tertiary sector: Design offices, Administrations, etc.
  • etc.


We are able to offer you innovative solutions, adapted to your needs and in compliance with your constraints.

Our Clients & Partners

For our Training Catalog or a Personalized Quote for a support service
relating to your needs, email us at info@performax-group.com